CEOS solution advantages

The project is in an experimental phase in the field for the various use cases for detecting defaults or usury:

The goal of the project is to carry out, using a drone, exhaustive, and automatic surveillance of all equipment and infrastructure elements.

This project brings an environmental gain because currently the airport fences are inspected by all-terrain vehicle and, in the case of medium voltage lines, surveillance is done in part by helicopter. Using a drone also limits the risks taken by response teams and the costs incurred.

The monitoring of penstocks requires the intervention of rope access technicians and the monitoring of medium voltage lines may require a walking inspection in wooded areas. The drone makes these surveillance tasks over long distances and difficult to access, less tedious.

Generally an exhaustive inspection can be done more regularly and the automation also brings a qualitative gain because the flight plan of the drone is reproducible.


Logo of Systematic FUI/FEDER FUI22
CEOS (GT OCDS) is a project labeled Systematic during the 22nd call for projects of the FUI (Single Inter-Ministry Fund; French R&D fund for competitiveness clusters).
Joint criticality for communicative critical embedded systems
Label: Systematic
Co-label: Move’o, Materalia
Leader: Thales SIX GTS France
Contact: Stéphane MENORET <>
Start date: May 1st, 2017
Duration: 44 months (end in December 2020)
Cost: 4.56 M€
R&D in region Île-de-France cost : 2.5 M€
Aids: 1.95 M€

Main characteristics of the project

Project name

Céos (French name for Coeus or Koios) is a titan and giant of the Greek mythology, god of intelligence (“who knows / thinks”). He also defines the line around which constellations turn. Here, CEOS refers to the artificial intelligence associated with the drone to inspect and move.

Drone flying in front of Coeus appearing among the stars at night