The drone

Performance and features

Take-off weight:25 kgs
Dimension:Distance between motors: 1150 mm
Height: 800mm
Power:LiPo 12S 44 Ah (2x2 LiPo 6S 22 Ah in series)
Maximum thrust:70 kgs
Take-off maximum weight:30 kgs
Maximum thrust versus weight ratio:2.8 at 0 meter altitude / 2.1 at 2500 meters altitude
Range at 25km/h:5.6 kms (in 12 minutes)
Maximum speed:75 kms/h
Hovering power:4.2 kW
Maximum power:17.8 kW
Emergency systems:Parachute + engines cut
Drone impact energy with emergency systems:250 J
Transportation:Foldable drone on the length
Transportation volume: 1150 x 250 x 400 mm

Main sensors

  • Canon EOS 5DS-R (50 Mpixels)
  • IDS camera
  • BASLER camera
  • Lightware LIDAR
  • IR Lock