The CEOS project delivers a reliable and secure system of inspections of pieces of works using professional mini-drone for Operators of Vital Importance coupled with their Geographical Information System. These inspections are carried out automatically at a lower cost than current solutions employing helicopters or off-road vehicles.

Logo of CEOSValidation of the solution, in cooperation with the DGAC, is carried out on private test areas and then on the sites of end-users partners: ENEDIS (medium voltage overhead powerlines), EDF (penstock pipes in mountain areas) and airports of Lyon and Caen-Carpiquet (fences surrounding the airport).

The CEOS system is composed of a mini drone and its ground station provided by the Alerion SME. Several software applications are developed, adapted and integrated on the drone, within an innovative multi-criticality architecture and mixed criticality using multi-core hardware and a hypervisor certifiable on the shelf: detection of anomalies by image analysis by the ADCIS SME, resilient and secure communications from the drone to the GIS by THALES and the ESIEE, control by the RTaW SME and 3D corridor navigation by the University of Lorraine. The architecture developed by INRIA and ESIEE guarantees the real-time operation of the most critical functions, in this case the control and navigation of the drone, to the detriment of the other functions. This is a compromise between too expensive certification and oversized hardware.

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