Aids and fundings

This project is supported by bpifrance, regions, competitiveness clusters, and clusters:


Complementarity of partners

Figure to explain complementarity of partners

Scientific expertise

The partners in charge of communications, safety and robotics:

Outsourcing supplier

Partner supplier of the drone platform and experiments:

    supply the mini drone and its ground station
    Logo of ALERION
  • SYSGO;
    supply PikeOS hypervisor embeded in the drone
    Logo of SYSGO

Solution providers

Vision software component:

  • ADCIS;
    detection of anomalies using image analysis
    Logo of ADCIS

Supplier of platforms, and chains of tools:

Secure communication:

    secured communication between drone and GIS (with ESIEE)
    Logo of THALES


System users and testers for different types of inspection:


Figure to explain complementarity of partners